Why Thro?

Traditional fire fighting methods require people trained in fire fighting or professional firefighters. Thro was developed to provide every person with the tools to fight fire by making it as easy to use as throwing a ball.
Thro is fire extinguisher shaped in such a manner that it fits into the palm of our hands and can be thrown into the fire to suppress it. Apart from being functional Thro provides aesthetic appeal and integrates with the environment it is kept in, without looking out of place. So,

In Case Of Fire, Thro


How to Use

  • Toss “THRO” into the source of fire directly. In case one is not enough, throw the remaining three pieces. The fire will get suppressed immediately, thus resulting in extinguishing the fire and preventing major damage to life & property.
  • During a major outburst of fire where a group of individuals are surrounded by fire, just toss “THRO” directly on the ground while creating an escape route safeguarding life.

Advantages of Thro

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Simple & Easy to Use

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Safe to Use

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Kills Fire Instantly

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No Mechanical Parts to Malfunction

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Highly Effective

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Easy to Store

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Aesthetic Look


Specifications of Thro

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Class A, B

Fire Type

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Agent Capacity

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Product Code

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-20oC ~ +60oC

Stored Temperature

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2 Years

Shelf Life


Leadership Team

Anirban sarkar

Deccan has always been a part of improving standard of living by providing better quality water and energy. Now we want to go a step further in protecting life itself. Deccaleap is the team of Deccan which was created for this very purpose. We created Thro to empower people and give them the ability to fight fire in spite of having no prior training in fire fighting. One of the greatest inventions of mankind was fire and it has come full circle now as we focus on putting out unnecessary fires through Thro.

Tanvi Borker

Deccaleap aims to combine innovation and social responsibility to protect the well being of our consumers. One of the major problems we looked at was the outbreak of fires and the delay in putting it out. Part of the reason for this has been that traditional fire fighting techniques have remained the same for over more than a century now. We set out to change this by redesigning a fire extinguisher in such a way that it could be used by any layman who has no prior experience in fire fighting. Thro is the result of that. With Thro we hope to save as many lives as possible.

Ms. TANVI BORKER Executive Director

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